Disgusting Case of Animal Cruelty Leads to Arrests at Flamingo Casino

As disturbing a story as this is it goes to prove what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas especially when what happens gets you locked away.  It may be called Sin City but that shouldn’t mean people are free to decapitate animals in a casino’s wildlife habitat; people caught performing a heinous act like this deserve to be locked away.

In this case two University of California students decided they could get a kick out of breaking into the Flamingo Casino’s wildlife habitat and chasing one of the exotic birds living there until they could corner it and cut its head off.  How their brains managed to make this a good idea is beyond understanding but what’s even worse is they appeared to show no remorse for what they did.  Video surveillance caught them emerging from the trees holding the body of the 14 year old Helmeted Guinea Fowl, an exotic bird bred in Africa and comfortable in desert environments; and upon discovering they’d been caught simply laughed at the whole case and threw the body aside according to witnesses.

It goes to say something about disturbing people in society when two men, who say they are practicing law students at Berkeley in California, manage to convince themselves something as disturbing as torturing and beheading an innocent animal is a good way to pass the time for fun.  The Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat is home to hundreds of animals living in the sanctuary and given the disturbing nature of this case, it may need to have extra security beef up protection of the sanctuary.

The two geniuses were booked into the Clark County Detention Center and face charges of conspiracy along with the willful and malicious torture and killing of wildlife.  Police were unable to say whether they had hired a lawyer but if they have any decency inside them, they will plead guilty and accept the consequences of their horrific choice.

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