Fight Over Ownership Of Artifacts At Mob Attraction

The Las Vegas Mob Experience had it’s grand opening a little over a year ago on March 29, 2011. Within this attraction, visitors could see all kinds of neat things all tied to the Mob, including guns, knives, brass knuckles, and other various weaponry.

It has been quite a few decades since these weapons were used, but even so, they are still very much desired, but not for the same reasons anymore. As it turns out, there are people fighting for ownership of these weapons now.

The Mob Attraction Las Vegas, which is located at the Tropicana houses 1,500 artifacts. Weapons are not the only thing that people have been fighting over ownership for. For the past few months, fights for ownership of some of the Attraction’s artifacts have made their way through the court system.

The legal battle over the artifacts revolves around who has the right to display them for a profit in a fixed or travelling exhibit. It’s been an intense courtroom saga that involves bankruptcy and convoluted legal manoeuvres. Almost like something out of a mob themed movie. The courtroom saga is actually playing out in an open court with public charges.

On one side of the dispute, there’s Jay Bloom, the lead creator of the $25 million exhibit called the Las Vegas Mob Experience. On the other side, there’s investor John Vipulis, who is the owner of the Mob Attraction Las Vegas that operates in the old Mob Experience space.

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