Flamingo Has New Restaurants On The Way

The Flamingo is making the extra effort to bring back some life to itself it seems. It’s going back to basics, returning to their original martini and steak roots. Of course, it’s not going to be all original, as there of course needs to be some new updates to lure customers back to their restaurant site. In the past three years, two eateries have already closed down.

Replacing the Burger Joint restaurant and bar, as well as the Italian restaurant Voga, a new steakhouse will take over the spot. It will be called Center Cut Steakhouse, and feature organic steaks with mid range prices. It will open sometime this month. Center Cut Steakhouse is an idea that the Flamingo came up with in response to the popular demand of a good steak, and they will run the steakhouse as an in-house operation.

Vice president of food and beverage for the Flamingo, Shawn Ritchie commented on idea and development of the new steakhouse, saying “People come to Vegas, and they want to have at least one nice dinner while they’re here. Our customer feedback kept telling us, ‘We really want a steakhouse.’”

Give the people what they want, and everyone will be happy it seems.

Another restaurant opening up at the Flamingo in April will be a Carlos’n Charlie’s, a Mexico-based chain. The joint will be a massive 13,000-square-foot restaurant.

It looks like the Flamingo is finally getting it right!

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