GameWorks Closing On Strip

Within the next month, GameWorks arcade will be closing it’s doors at it’s current location. The time had to come sooner or later, and despite the lure of the bright lights, the cheerful chime of bells, the silly buzzers and other fun annoying sounds, it has not been enough to draw the crowds it once used to bring in.

A low foot traffic is one the biggest contributing factors as to why GameWorks is closing up shop. There is the high rent and lack of customers. The part- arcade, part-restaurant opened up it’s doors 15 years ago as the flagship location, and as a flagship location, they also had a prominent spot on the Las Vegas Strip.

Currently, GameWorks is in the middle of M&M’s World and the giant Coca-Cola bottle. Their lease expires at the end of March, and the company has said they do not plan to renew it, according to Mark Wiley, director of sales and marketing for GameWorks Entertainment.

Despite the closure of GameWorks on the Strip, it does not mean it can’t find another home in Las Vegas. GameWorks is headquartered locally, and they are looking at potential new spots to reopen GameWorks arcade. This time around, they are looking to focus more on locals, and not just tourists.

Commenting on the new bussiness strategy, Wiley said “We always wondered what it would be like to be more in touch with the locals market instead of relying on tourists. It’s really a strategic move to sustain the company in Las Vegas.”

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