Gaming Revenue Up In Vegas

It looks like Nevada is doing well with gambling revenue, as they are reported an increase in revenue for the second successive month. For the state as a whole, gambling revenue rose by 7.1% in November, bringing that number to $880.1 million. Compared to the year prior to that, it’s almost a $60 million increase, when the number was $822 million.

The Las Vegas Strip of course accounted for over half of the revenue, and revenues rose 9% to equate to $495.3 million.

Over in Atlantic City however, the gaming revenue entered the black for the first time in years. This shows that Las Vegas and Atlantic City, the two U.S. casino strongholds are actually doing well, and seem to be holding it together.

Of course, when things start to get better, someone throws a wrench in there to mess things up. It looks like plans are being made by many states to expand their gambling industry. From Florida, looking to open up three resort casinos, to New York, which is looking compete with Las Vegas.

It may only be the second week of 2012, but it’s been a very busy time for the gambling industry. By the end of the year, there might be more casinos than ever.

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