Gold Rush Casino To Become Wildfire Sunset

Last week, the Gold Rush Casino in Henderson closed its doors, but not forever, as they will reopen in the fall under a new name; Wildfire Sunset.

Crews have started working on bringing the casino in line with the rest of the Wildfire casinos. The casino is located at Sunset Road and Marks Street.

Vice president of corporate communications for Station Casinos, Lori Nelson said that the Gold Rush Casino closed last Friday, and will open up again in three to four months.

Interestingly enough, the Gold Rush Casino is located right next to Sunset Station, but they have always coexisted because each casino has their own clientele, according to Nelson. She further went on to add that “Our Wildfire brand is a more a casual place to go have a beer after work.It’s for people who want the gaming experience, but they don’t want to fight the crowds.”

Mostly men go to Wildfire, as it offers race and sports book, playing slots, and food at the Wildburger restaurant. There are no table games at Wildfire casinos however, but those that are interested in that can go to the larger Stations properties. The Stations properties tend to be more like a casino mall, offering table games, bowling, movies, more restaurants, and just more entertainment choices in general.

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