Gordon Ramsay Steak Opened In Las Vegas

Gordan Ramsay is yet another famous chef that has opened up an establishment in Las Vegas. The steakhouse opened just two days ago at Paris, and is called Gordon Ramsay Steak. The two level steakhouse is the first restaurant Gordon Ramsay has opened up in Las Vegas, and it was long overdue!

Guests are welcomed through an interesting entrance way, then their attention goes directly to the restaurant wide Union Jack ceiling mural, and of course, the handsome servers that are all in tailored wear is a pleasurable sight to behold.

Talking about his new restaurant and the design of it, Gordon Ramsay said “I wanted the space to be bold and innovative, and I imagined doing something new with the steakhouse concept in Las Vegas.  To achieve that, we’ve put together an amazing team who together created a contemporary, fresh and innovative menu,” adding on “I am so excited to be here in Las Vegas, share in the excitement of opening day and start welcoming guests to my very first Vegas-based restaurant.”

President of Paris Las Vegas, David Hoenemeyer, welcomed Gordon Ramsay to Paris and already has very high regards for the steakhouse saying “When you walk into this restaurant, you know you have arrived somewhere very different.  It has real energy, and the design is one-of-a-kind.  Ramsay and his team truly created a steakhouse that is memorable and delicious.  I couldn’t be more excited to have Gordon Ramsay Steak here at Paris.”

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