Harvey Whittemore Files Lawsuit

Last week, two former business partners of Harvey Whittemore sued him, making claims that Whittemore embezzled money from their joint-venture companies. Whittemore is a well known Nevada developer and lobbyist. The two former business partners are brothers Thomas Seeno, and Albert Seeno Jr..

Harvey Whittemore decided to retaliate, and has since the hit the Seeno brothers with a federal lawsuit alleging racketeering, and also claiming that he and his family were repeatedly given death threats as part of an extortion plan hatched up by the brothers. Whittemore’s attorney said that the Seeno brothers, as well as Albert Seeno Jr.’s son Albert Seeno III, conspired to defraud him, as the father and son Seenos threatened to kill his family if he did not follow what they told him to do.

Wednesday’s lawsuit says “This is a case involving racketeering and extortion based on threats of death and severe bodily harm made by Albert Seeno Jr. and Albert Seeno III, against attorney and businessman Harvey Whittemore and his family.”

It looks like this is going to get messier and messier, especially for the Seeno’s as the suit alleges that they are associated with organized crime networks, as well as known to be associated with felons. They have also been under investigation by the FBI and IRS, and have been raided by the FBI, IRS and the Secret Service.

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