International Pizza Expo In Las Vegas

The International Pizza Expo is on this week in Las Vegas! It starts tomorrow, and will end its run on the 15th.

The International Pizza Expo is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center this year, and there will be even more participants and attendees than ever! It’s a great networking and brand building opportunity as well, not to mention an extremely informative few days for those who work in the industry.

Many things in relations to pizza are on exhibit, and attendees can even enjoy cooking demonstration sessions throughout the expo. For those attending that want a little fun, there are also pizza games and competitions that will be held.

Over 450 companies, chefs, and pizza experts attend this major industry event, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn as there are also over 75 educational sessions planned over the next three days while the expo is on.

Of course there are also plenty of opportunities to taste and try a vast array of pizza creations and related products. Some of the main highlights of the International Pizza Expo are:

1. International Pizza Challenge

2. Conferences, Power Panels and workshops

3. World Pizza Games

4. The MEGA BUCKS Giveaway Contest

5. The Beer and Bull Idea Exchange session

6. Pizza making demonstration sessions

7. The Finals and Rocking Party


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