Las Vegas’ Slot Machine Operator Ups the Ante

United Coin Machine Company, which is a big company that operates slot machines in bars and stores in Nevada, is adding some new bells and whistles to their games, trying to compete with competitors like casinos. These new gaming machines bring the thrills of playing video poker, keno and bingo.

United Coin Machine Company has developed and is no manufacturing new PowerVision multi-game, multi-denomination machines. These machines feature video poker, slot games, bingo and keno, and include new types of bonus rounds as well as outstanding graphics.

There is an Interactive Gamblers Bonus Advantage system, which includes a large video screen that alerts people in a bar or establishment when someone has hit the jackpot. Players are also given a chance to compete in a bonus round as well, which features spinning prize wheels, animal races, and a balloon burst.

Players will be able to instantly sign up for the Gamblers Bonus slot players club. This club allows bar owners to track cash flow and collect gaming winnings daily instead of weekly.

200 new PowerVision machines are being built, and they will be used to replace aging units that are getting old.

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