Las Vegas Company Launches Free Poker Game

It looks like free online gambling is coming to Las Vegas!

The owners of Station Casinos are launching their own free online gaming site, and they are kicking things off with a free poker game called Ultimate Poker.

It was announced yesterday by Fertitta Interactive that they would be launching Ultimate Poker this Friday. The foray into this type of gambling is a move that Fertitta Interactive is making to benefit from in the long run. The company plans on applying for licences in the U.S. when online gambling becomes legalized. When this does happen, they hope to offer their players real money play as well as free play. In the mean time though, building up players is all they can do.

The game will be launched on popular social netowkring site, Facebook. Facebook offers a lot of social gaming, and of course, all the games are free. Fertitta Interactive hopes that by having this game available on the popular site, it will become popular, and in turn, eventually attract real money players.

It looks like many online gambling casinos and online casino game software developers are heading towards social gaming. Facebook is especially a popular site for social gaming, and although players do not win money, they can win prizes sometimes.

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