Las Vegas Competing With Macau

There’s no place like Las Vegas. That being said, maybe there could be? Las Vegas has always attracted tourists for gambling, for bachelor and bridal parties, birthday bashes, and impromptu weddings. The biggest attraction has always been gambling though, despite offering up amazing entertainment, restaurants, and parties.

Now here’s the thing. The gambling industry has expanded, and with it, so has the number of casinos. One such casino is one in Singapore, built by Sheldon Adelson, the owner of Las Vegas Sands. In the first year alone, his operation in Singapore raked in $1 billion. That’s a lot of gambling! Adelson also has a casino in Macau, which is pretty much the biggest hot spot for gambling right now. His latest operation in Macau cost a cool $4.4 billion, but is this operation is as successful as his Singapore operation, then he’ll make his money back and then some likely within the next few years.

It’s strange to think of Las Vegas as not being the gambling capital of the world, but it’s starting to look that way. Last year alone, betters spent $33.5 billion in Macau, Las Vegas’ biggest competition. The kicker here is that last year, betters only spent $6 billion in Las Vegas. Is this a sign of a major change in the gambling industry? Perhaps. One thing for sure though is that Las Vegas will always be a good time, and with their ever changing ways, they will remain a popular destination for gamblers around the globe.

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