Las Vegas Economy Starting To Recover

According to a new University of Las Vegas report, Las Vegas is not expected to fully recover from the economic downtown for years. The economy however is recovering, though it’s a very slow recovery.

Southern Nevada’s economy is going at a slow crawl, moving out of the recession with tourism, as well as gaming. Unfortunately, real estate and unemployment is still dragging, which is effecting sustained growth.

According to the director of UNLV’s Center for Business & Economic Research, Stephen Brown, it won’t be until 2017 before the economy even returns to its full potential. Brown presented this information at the Venetian on Wednesday to a crowd of 200 attendees. Despite the less than stellar news, Brown did tell attendees that Southern Nevada has the potential to have a record year for visitor volume this year. There are many factors that are keeping the economy from improving, and it will be awhile before it can all get better. Brown presented for an hour, and talked about the effects of the world economy, as well as the United States economic condition. There was also a panel of experts that questioned Brown at the end of his presentation.

With the continual make over the Las Vegas keeps going through, it seems like they are doing more to attract tourism, and it’s actually helping. Las Vegas might be able to recover sooner, rather than later.

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