Las Vegas Sports Books Feel The Pain From Sunday’s Burn

Las Vegas sports books did not enjoy the ninth week of the NFL, while betters loved every minute.  Every team that was a favorite to win their game managed to cover the spread, and turn even the smallest of bets into thousands of dollars in winnings.  Las Vegas Hotels Super book Vice President Jay Kornegay, says there are weeks where extra money is needed for payouts, but nothing like this past Sunday.

“I’ve been in this business for 26 years, and I have never seen what I saw yesterday.”

Kornegay says the most lucrative ways to win are when gamers put their bets together on one card, and all the teams manage to cover the spread.  Many of this past weekend’s matches had clear favorites to win the games, and one after the other, Kornegay says his employees watched as teams pulled through to cost the sports books more money.

“But the thing is, we could have done exactly the same thing and had a gigantic day. It’s just the way the chips fall.”

William Hill reported its sportsbooks also felt the pain of Sunday’s matches.  Hill spokesman Jimmy Vaccaro called Sunday “the worst single, regular-season day I’ve ever seen.” He says his group paid over $10,000 out to one player who bet only $100, and thousands of dollars were paid out on similar wagers.  Vaccaro says for gamers, weeks like this are great, but for the sports books that have to pay out these large wins, it hurts.

“When all the favorites win, it’s a bad week. I just wish this would have happened over a three- or four-week period instead of on the same day.”

Monday night’s matchup features the New Orleans Saints facing off with the Philadelphia Eagles, with money heavily wagered on this game’s outcome as well.

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