Las Vegas Strip’s Ban On Animals

A California man was bit by a dog on the Las Vegas Strip last week, at a pedestrian overpass. Since the incident on January 11, Clark County Animal Control has been on the lookout for the dog or owner, and has been able to locate either of them. The owner was a woman who was on the overpass begging for money.

Since the incident, the committee examining problems on animals has sped up its evaluation on banning pets on the Las Vegas Strip. A sense of urgency kicked in after the incident. A proposal by Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani will be considered to ban animals from the Las Vegas area that are not vaccinated, neutered or spayed. As for animals that accompany guests at animal-friendly resorts, or accompany residents of the Strip, they are exempt.

A man named Temple Stratton identified the owner and dog from a January 3rd edition of the Las Vegas Sun, where they were in a story about the proposal to ban animals on the Las Vegas Strip.

Terry Murphy, a political and marketing consultant as well as a member of the committee said “We’d like to deal with this right away and not tie it up in all the larger issues that we have.”

For the time being, Animal Control is keeping an eye out for the woman and the dog, as well as patrolling the overpass in case they make a return.

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