Luxor Guest Dies Of Legionnaires’ Disease

Since last Spring, three guests staying at the Luxor unfortunately developed Legionnaires’ disease. Recently, one of the three guests died as a result of getting the disease, according to the Southern Nevada Health District.

It was reported by health district officials that the other two guests who also got Legionnaires’ disease had cases that were not fatal.

In Spring 2011, the health district conducted an environmental assessment on collected bulk water samples from the Luxor. This was done after being prompted when the first two cases of Legionnaires’ Disease came about at the Luxor.

Despite there being two guests who had gotten the disease, the water samples did not detect Legionella bacteria after being tested. That being said, because the resort’s water did not seem to pose a risk to exposing their guests to  Legionnaires’ Disease, that was the end of it, and both patients luckily recovered.

The third case of Legionnaires’ Disease did not end well for the third victim. The victim has stayed at the Luxor in December, and the disease came about later in the month.

Since then, the health district has conducted a new environmental investigation looking at Luxor water samples. These samples tested positive for the Legionlla bacteria, officials said, which is the cause of Legionnaires’ Disease.

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