McCarran’s New Terminal 3

The new McCarran terminal is something that many can not wait to see! Boasting a security system that will be second to none, passengers will feel amazingly safe, as well as employees.

The new terminal opening up at McCarran is Terminal 3. The doors for the new terminal are slated to open at McCarran International Airport on June 27th this year. The terminal cost a staggering $2.4 billion. When the terminal finally does open, Terminal 3 will be bustling with arriving passengers as well as locals that are going on international flights. There will be 14 gates, with a half a mile long building to go with it.

Despite being set to open in just five months, there’s still a tonne of work that has to be done. From electronic equipment set up and placement, to finishing the terminal’s retail and food areas, it’s a plateful. What’s more, the retail and food areas are being set up in such a way that there will be room for growth as the terminal traffic grows over the next few years.

There is also a plan to put a 10,000-square-foot duty-free store in the new Terminal 3. Currently, Terminal 2 has a duty-free store, but it will pale in comparison the new one being built, as the new store will be four times the size of it!

It’ll be interesting to see the new Terminal 3 when it’s finally completed.

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