MGM Grand To Offer Wellness Rooms

It’s always nice staying at a hotel, with a fresh room to enjoy, and no mess to clean up, not to mention, essentially you’re away from home and it’s easier to relax.  MGM Grand has taken it one step further for their guests, and have started working on the creation of their “Stay Well” rooms. According to hotel officials, these rooms are designed to “reset the body’s internal 24-hour clock and regulate melatonin levels to promote better sleep.” That sounds like something everyone needs in their daily life!

The latest plans have 42 of these wellness rooms being created, but it’ll cost guests a little bit extra. The rooms are being advertised to “optimize and support the physical and emotional health and well-being of guests.”

How far is MGM going to create these “Stay Well” rooms? Well, these rooms have a bright blue bathroom light which is supposed to help guests wake up and combat jet lag. There’s also advanced room lighting which is supposed to help the body’s internal clock, as well as a Dawn simulator alarm clock that gradually awakens guests. Another neat thing is the shower water is infused with vitamin C, which is meant to neutralize chlorine to promote healthy hair and skin. Other perks include a wellness channel, access to Cleveland Clinic wellness software that covers stress management, as well as sleep and nutrition.

For all these extra perks, it’s surprisingly low cost at just an additional $30 a night. These rooms will be available starting next month.

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