MGM Working Towards Toronto Expansion

It looks like Las Vegas won’t be the only city with an MGM casino resort if MGM can secure themselves a place in Toronto. As it turns out, MGM Resorts International really does want this to happen, as they have only started their campaign in Toronto, recently hiring lobbyists to help them.

Staff from MGM’s development team paid a visit to Toronto recently, and took a look around. It can only be assumed they liked what they saw, because they hired Sussex Strategy Group to champion their case at city hall. So far, Sussex Strategy Group has managed to gain an audience with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s staff, as well as multiple councillors and political aides. It is a slow process, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Toronto is long overdue for a casino, and there has been much debate and uproar over it. Many Torontonians do not want it, and many others do.

If their efforts pay off, MGM could soon get approval to open up shop in Toronto. MGM Resorts International will invest billions into their project, and the cost could be as high as $6 billion. MGM does not just see building a casino in Toronto; they see a heck of a lot more. They literally want to bring Las Vegas with them, and open up a casino resort with all the fixings, including hotels, restaurants, spas, convention facilities and a casino. The project would be a huge undertaking, but if anyone could do it, MGM can.

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