Millions In Marijuana Removed From Mount Charleston

More than $7.4 million worth of marijuana plants were removed by the Southern Nevada task force from a remote area in Mount Charleston during a raid, Metro Police officials said.

The farm had nearly 4,000 mature marijuana plants, and was located about three miles northwest of the intersection of state routes 156 and 158. The terrain in this area is quite rugged as well. Police reported that they made the discovery of this grow operation after being getting a report that there was suspicious activity in the area.

This is not the first time an outdoor grow operation has been found in Clark County this year, officials said. This case is the fifth one now. So far, the HITDA task force this year has removed 36,000 plants, and the street value estimated comes in at $72 million.

The task force is comprised of Metro Police, North Las Vegas Police, Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management.

No suspects were present at the time of the raid, and no arrests have been reported as of yet.

It’s interesting that these plants went by unnoticed for so long, considering the area this grow operation was in.


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