NASCAR Racers Go Slot

Start your engines the race is on; as the first fully licensed NASCAR slot machine is expected in casinos near you by mid-2013.  NASCAR has decided to act on research showing a link between fans of the races and gamers in a casino with their own slot machine.  Blake Davidson NASCAR’s Vice President of Licensing and Consumer Products says that in addition to having their own slot machine on the market, their goal is to increase the NASCAR fan base.

“With the sheer numbers involved, we have the ability to connect with a lot of people and get them excited about NASCAR, make them want to become NASCAR fans … and go to a race.”

The slot machine has been designed with five Sprint Cup drivers available to compete as including Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kevin Harvick, Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Johnson, and Clint Bowyer who himself took part in the machine’s debut in Las Vegas.  Bowyer was very excited about the game’s potential as he tested the waters with a few spins.

“Our fan base is very loyal and I know they’re going to love it.”

The game has been designed to be more than just a simple press and pull traditional slot.  Players get to choose which racer they want to be and sit in his specific seat to setup the race.  The graphics establish a very encapsulating race environment, making players really feel like they are inside the car.  There are options to pull into the pit stops for quick touchups and to even make a few burnouts in celebration or just for fun.  Bowyer was very impressed with the design in the seat; it rumbles with the roar of the engine to make the experience even more realistic.

VP Davidson says NASCAR recognizes how much growth has come out of the gaming industry as online casinos and sportsbetting have become highly popular; and with sportsbetting already a huge part of NASCAR’s fan base the extension into a casino makes the most sense for the company.  He also says it took very little effort to convince the 5 racers to come on board.

“They thought it would be a good way to connect with their fans.”

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