Nevada Intrastate Online Poker Coming Soon

Things are about to get interesting in Nevada, now that the state has started to proceed with their plans on introducing legal and regulated intra state online poker. Part of the process now is going to have to deal with the state regulatory authority. The state regulatory authority has released a set of very strict requirements regarding player protection for online player deposits and accounts.

The strictness of this requirement obviously comes from the whole Black Friday crackdown, where many online poker sites, especially Full Tilt Poker, really screwed over players. It’s bad enough that many players are still waiting to get paid back. Are the measures a bit extreme, maybe. But at this point, the fact that Nevada has gone above and beyond for players is something that will likely work in the State’s favor, not to mention, be a benchmark for other states as they start offering online gambling in their state as well.

The new system in place for protecting player funds is great. Funds are held separately from the company’s assets and ownership, which means that those funds will stay protected, even if the operator goes belly up. In the event that this should happen, operators can’t touch any player funds that are being held in the other account. Therefore, when and if something should happen to a company, players can be paid in full right away, and not have to go months and months without that money.

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