New Year, New Name For Las Vegas Hotel

The Las Vegas Hilton days are over! Let’s welcome The LVH-Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, which is the new name of the historic Las Vegas hotel and casino.

Last month, the changeover began with the taking down of the landmark Las Vegas Hilton sign that was out front. It has not been said what the fate of the historic sign will be, but hopefully it will end up in a display or museum.

It was never commented from Hilton Worldwide or Colony Capital why they terminated their eight year business relationship. The LVH-Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is actually owned by Colony Capital LLC, and is not actually a Hilton branded hotel, so there was always that confusion with the brand when the hotel was called the Las Vegas Hilton.

The LVH-Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is a 2,950-room hotel and casino on Paradise Road, and has been around for ages, but the original name of the hotel was the least of its problems.

The LVH-Las Vegas Hotel & Casino has been embroiled in a court battle between Colony Capital and their lenders, Goldman Sachs Mortgage Co. and Gramercy Capital Corp. The Nevada Gaming Commission voted 3-1 in December to allow the hotel’s lenders and investors to appoint a receiver for the property while they are all still in court.

Ronald Johnson was approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission as the receiver that would operate the casino at the hotel during the court battle. The casino will continue operating under their existing license that is held by Colony Capital.

Goldman Sachs and Gramercy Capital has foreclosed upon the property, but it looks like this will take some time. With a new name, hopefully there’s new hope for the future fate of The LVH-Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

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