Online Poker’s Future In Nevada

The first meeting on the future of online poker was held last week at Nevada’s reconstituted Gaming Policy Committee. The 11-member Gaming Policy Committee was resurrected by Governor Brian Sandoval. The committee is specifically meant to deal with Nevada’s future in regards to intrastate online poker.

The state has already received over 24 license applications from gaming companies that are anticipating the legalization of online poker in Nevada. The Gaming Control Board chairman, Mark Lipparelli said that the applications will likely start being considered in May or June. However, he is still not sure when online poker will be legalized.

As difficult as getting a license is for these gaming companies, that’s only half the battle. The companies that do get issued a license will have their work cut out for them, as they have to meet some very strict requirements, which include proving that their technology is up to scratch to keep games honest, as well as keep access limited to adults only within the state.

Online gambling legalization has slowly but surely started to move in the right direction. It seems like online gambling will become legalized per state, and remain illegal at the Federal level. That being said, that may actually be better for the state after all, as it means they control the rules and regulations, and would likely be better managed by state officials rather than federal-level officials.

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