Online Poker On It’s Way To Nevada!

With the big announcement that the United States Department of Justice made in regards to online gambling, and the interpretation of the 1961 Wire Act, it looks like states will be able to offer online poker this year.

There is concern over this new change, and the Nevada Attorney General’s office has started studying the change, and how it could affect the state.

There’s no doubt that the race for first state to offer online poker is on, and it looks like it could be very close, as New Jersey and Nevada are leading so far. Nevada will likely win this race, as they had their new regulations approved last month, and New Jersey still has to go through the legislative process, as well as the governor. Once one state starts offering online poker, it will lead to a domino effect, and chances are, one by one, each state will start offering up online poker as well.

The gaming industry is bracing themselves for the madness that is about to happen, and they are also preparing for the fact that each state may have different legal and regulatory standards, and tax rates too.

Industry leaders have made it clear how important it is for lawmakers to pass legislation to regulate online poker play before the rush of offshore online poker site operators start pouring in.

It’s still just a few days into 2012, but what a way to start the year!

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