President Obama Stopping In Las Vegas

Coming to Las Vegas next week, is President Barack Obama! The president will be swinging by Las Vegas on one of his stops through the West and Midwest.

President Obama will arrive in Las Vegas on Wednesday, January 25th, and stay overnight, departing the next day. No further details about the trip and the stop over have been released, except that the president’s visit is official White House business.

Vice President Joe Biden will pay a visit to Reno’s Galena High School on Thursday, January 26th to talk about college affordability.

Although the president and vice president’s stop over in Las Vegas is not part of the official 2012 re-election campaign effort, the visits are likely going to gain some Democratic voters just before the Republican presidential field arrives in Nevada in early February.

Before making his arrival in Las Vegas on January 25th, the president will make stops in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Phoenix. After staying one night, the president will leave Las Vegas and make his way to Denver, and then to Detriot, before finally retuning to Washington, D.C.

President Obama’s last visit to Las Vegas was in October, a few days after the Republican presidential candidates held a debate there. During that time, President Obama unveiled a new housing plan.

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