Studio 54 At MGM Grand To Be Replaced

MGM Grand is going through a massive overhaul, closing down their iconic Lion Habitat, and now, closing down Studio 54. Since the announcement of the closure of Studio 54, Las Vegas’ Hakkasan Ltd. and Angel Management Group have announced their plans for the replacement of Studio 54, which will be a new night club, as well as restaurant.

Known as a big name in the international dining industry, Hakkasan Ltd., will enter Las Vegas at the MGM Grand. Hakkasan Ltd. had great plans for Las Vegas at Fontainebleau Las Vegas before they fell through, but now they’ll finally be able to accomplish setting something up in Las Vegas.

Angel Management Group of Las Vegas and Hakkasan Ltd., have been collaborating on the concept for the MGM Grand, which includes a Michelin-starred luxury dining brand, as well as a luxurious and lavish nightclub.

Both companies shared in an announcement about the changes being made “The transformation will expand the size of the former (Studio 54) venue, creating an indoor/outdoor space with unparalleled views of the famed Las Vegas Strip.”

This will also be the first location that Hakkasan Ltd. has ever incorporated a lavish nightclub.

The new nightclub and restaurant is scheduled to open in December.

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