Tacos To Steaks At The Stratosphere Restaurant

The Back Alley Bar, which has been a taco joint for the past little while is undergoing a make over, and becoming a steakhouse called McCall’s Heartland Grill. The new steakhouse will open its doors this coming fall.

The Back Alley Bar is located just off of the casino floor at the Stratosphere, so it’s in a prime location, making it a great place to put a steakhouse. Besides offering up steak, the restaurant will also have seafood on the menu, which will attract a lot of customers who love surf and turf.

This new concept was created by Stratosphere’s Executive Chef Rick Giffen, as well as their Vice President of Food and Beverage, Matthew Mascall. The new concept is part of the latest addition to a hefty $20 million makeover that started on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip last year.

The new steakhouse will be hiring brand new staff. The owners of the Stratosphere, American Casinos & Entertainment Properties are now taking applications online. Jobs such cooks, servers, bartenders, hosts, and beverage servers are waiting to be filled.

Las Vegas has quite a few steakhouses already, so it’ll be interesting to see how McCall’s Heartland Grill will fare. Gordon Ramsey’s Steakhouse recently opened, and has been doing very well. Hopefully McCall’s Heartland Grill will have the same success.

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