UFC Returns to Hard Rock after Beef with Palms

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is proving to be a favorite destination for Las Vegas entertainment over the next few months.  Several iconic rock bands have been using the Joint inside the Hard Rock to kick off major comeback performances.  Now the casino will once again serve as host for live UFC fights when the mixed martial arts company hosts matches in Sin City.

The UFC had relocated events from the Hard Rock into the Palms Casino Resort in 2007 to showcase its live Ultimate Fighter finale matches.  However, UFC President Dana White has said there has been irreparable damage between UFC Management and the Palms Casino, which he says was in part due to a decline in his line of credit with the casino.

“I had a little beef with the Palms, and I ripped the UFC out of there.”

The UFC President was suggested to be a big spender inside the Palms Casino.  When White was in Las Vegas, he would regularly dine at the Palms and be a generous tipper for staff.  One source inside the casino suggested that White would leave as much as $10,000 in tips for waiters and dealers.

However, White decided to remove all UFC operations as soon as the decision to lower his credit was made.  As a result, the next Ultimate Fighter finale scheduled for December 5 will be occurring inside the Hard Rock casino.  It will be the first time the UFC has hosted a fight inside the Hard Rock in nearly six years.

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