WMS Seeking Nevada Online Gaming License

Waukegan-based WMS Industries is looking to join the online gaming industry in Nevada when online gaming is finally allowed. In order for WMS Industries to do this, they have to get an online gaming license from Nevada.

Nevada is one of the first states in the United States that is getting ready to legalize online and mobile gaming. WMS Industries announced yesterday that they submitted their application to the State Gaming Control Board in Nevada for an interactive gaming license.

Even though online gambling is illegal in the United States, that is at the federal level. If however a state wants to allow it within their state, they can do just that. Nevada is such a state, and they have been making serious strides in that department, getting closer and closer to making intrastate online gaming a reality.

WMS Industries hope that the success that they have had so far carries into the online industry in Nevada. President of WMS, Orrin Edidin said “We have made significant progress in our development of a technology and entertainment content base that will help our customers unlock the emerging opportunities provided through online capabilities.”

Many companies have applied for the interactive gaming license in Nevada, because it really is a matter of time before online gaming is legalized in the state.

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