Zappos Moving To Downtown Las Vegas

Today, the final deal to relocate Zappos to downtown Las Vegas was unanimously approved by the Las Vegas City Council.

Zappos company corporate campus will soon be located at the current Las Vegas City Hall complex at 400 Stewart Avenue.

The city staff will be moving into a new City Hall building at 495 South Main Street around the end of this month. The grand opening of the new City Hall will take place on March 5, 2012.

Commenting on the big move and work involved with this transaction, Mayor Carolyn Goodman said “This was a huge effort.” The deal was complex, as it involved a lot of  money, and eight acres of city property.

The old City Hall will undergo an extensive renovation over the next 18 months, to the tune of $40 million. Currently, Zappos has 1,200 employees, but officials have said that when the company finally does move in to their new corporate office in Fall 2013, they are expecting that number to increase to 2,000 employees.

Bossiness can expect to benefit big time when Zappos finally makes their move. When Zappos moves in, the city should expect that to make a significant economic impact to Las Vegas’ downtown.

Now there’s going to be even more reason to go downtown in Las Vegas.

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