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Coupons for Las Vegas

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

So perhaps you are thinking the type of coupons that you get at the grocery store for a dollar of this or a dollar off that, well this deal is much better than a dollar off.

If you have ever taken a taxi in Las Vegas you may have noticed the little book in the back of the passenger seat that had suggested forms of entertainment and often offered a deal or two should you select that venue of entertainment.

Well, coupon books are making a huge come back in the city of Las Vegas as those that dare to make the trip and spend whatever spending cash they have left in this not so happening economy are turning to these books for a deal. And so, some of the nicest hotels in the city have began to offer bargains within these same exact books that people used to throw out the window.

Hotels and Restaurants throughout Las Vegas have reported that they have experienced a larger than normal amount of coupon users, and they do not mind at all. If people are looking for deals that means they are still frequenting at least some of these locations which is much better than them not coming by altogether.

While coupons may not be the answer to the entire economic situation, perhaps there is something there, if the entire country just saved a little more and spent a little less then perhaps there would be much more to go around. Who would have thought that a theory like that could come out of a city like Las Vegas.

Landing Room at Las Vegas Airport

Monday, January 26th, 2009

There is a lot of extra landing room at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport these days as they are experiencing the biggest loss of passengers that has been in seen over five years time. Forty Four million people came in and out of that airport over the year of 2008 which was already almost an eight percent drop since 2007. This year looks like it is set to follow an equally down turning pattern.

Las Vegas is feeling the withdrawal all around as the hotels and the restaurants are all also reporting quite the down turn in visitors and guests.

And while less people are coming to Las Vegas, there are also much less leaving the city as well. People that call the city of lights their home are travelling much less which is probably due to the economy and the lack of money that is being brought in to the state that is then forwarded on to the city’s population.

All major airlines reported that they experienced short falls in 2008 and that 2009 is often to an even rockier start. With the new government in power everyone in the travel and tourism industry is hoping for at least a little positive change and relief but it seems that even if that change is going to come, it will take some time to do so.

Whatever the case the Las Vegas airport is not the only place feeling this bad time that they entire nation is facing but as always things are bound to change, we are just hoping that its sooner than later

New Hotel Deals in Las Vegas

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

There has never been a better time to plan a trip to Las Vegas than right now. Almost every, if not every single hotel on the strip is offering some sort of deal or promotion.

Some packages are as simple as including a hotel stay for 4 days, which usually run Thursday thru Sunday, while there are other packages that offer everything from flights to hotel to restaurants, shows and other entertainment.

Looking for the deals has never been easier also. Simply log onto a travel search engine of the website of the hotel that you prefer, punch in the dates that you are looking for a watch the deals come up. It is also a good idea to take a look at the months schedule for the hotel as by doing that you can get an idea of how low the prices actually go.

Luxury hotels such as the Wynn and the Bellagio are offering room rates starting from just 179 dollars per night, rates like this were almost unheard of this time last year! But if you are happy staying at a hotel that is not at the top of the A-list than 179 dollars can pay for your entire weekend if you choose to stay at a hotel such as Bally’s which is currently offering a full weekend promotion.

Flights are cheap too! Getting to Vegas to enjoy your trip should not be a problem as many airline companies are currently offering seat sales as well as advance purchase tickets to Las Vegas. So all you have to do now is gather some friends and plan your fun Vegas getaway!