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Las Vegas Poker Pro Annie Duke Takes 2nd in Celebrity Apprentice

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

The season finale of the popular reality TV show The Apprentice ended their 9th season this past weekend. World known professional poker player Annie Duke walked away with 2nd place in a gracious loss to 76 year old Joan Rivers.

Annie made all poker players across Las Vegas and throughout the world very proud as she raised the most money in Apprentice history for her charity and other charities as well. Poker players from far and wide made a great effort to donate and make sure to support Annie in her fight against Joan and sidekick Melissa Rivers to the end.

Joan made several attempts to knock Annie off of her winning streak but failed and most truly believe that the only reason that she won was because of her age and the respect that Donald Trump felt he owed to her.

Melissa Rivers was a complete embarrassment to watch as she ran around and through worthless fits throughout the entire season. Everyone else was also quite entertaining, the b-c class stars included, Dennis Rodman, Clint Black, Jesse James and Tom Green.

The next season of Apprentice will likely lack the celebrity edge but will promise to be quite entertaining as teams and individuals fight with everything they have to become Donald Trumps next apprentice.

Las Vegas Heating Up

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Perhaps Las Vegas traffic is still on the slower side but the weather in Las Vegas keeps getting better and better. For the last few weeks the sun has been showing up and making the patios and the strip quite an exciting place to be rather than the regular indoor locations.

The forecast looks good for the next ten days and is sure to only get warmer from then on. Temperatures are set to be in the mid to high 90’s for the next few days and then moving to the 100’s in the days to follow.

Hotels are offering special promotions since the pools are now open and in full swing. People are getting out and spending much more time outside.

Several hotels have even opened blackjack tables and other gambling facilities on their outdoor grounds so that those that want to enjoy the nice weather can also do a little gambling while they enjoy the outdoors.

Remember to book your trip to Las Vegas in the next little while because prices for trips are still low and rates are sure to go up as the hotels tend to be much busier when the weather is nice bright and sunny.

And even if staying outside is not your thing the tables are still waiting for you and the drinks are flowing if you plan to spend time inside and enjoy everything that the hotels and casinos have to offer.

More Hotels Could Mean Longer Recession in Las Vegas

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Everyone loves a new hotel to check out or a new destination to visit for shopping and restaurants. But when a city such as Las Vegas is already experiencing quite the short when it comes to visitors, restaurant goers and shoppers opening some new hotels can actually be a bad thing for the ones that are trying to survive with the little action that they currently have.

There will be several new hotels, casinos, restaurants and massive shopping centers that will be opening in Las Vegas before the end of 2009. The City center is likely the biggest project that will be opening and will house one of Las Vegas’ largest hotels, casinos and of course shopping facilities.

The completion of the City center will likely bring some action to Las Vegas as a city but it will also harm the other hotels on the strip because the people visiting the new MGM development may have taken there reservations and their money to one of the other hotels that were currently in existence.

In a normal or good economy the creation of new hotels creates healthy competition and contributes to a thriving economy and hotels can bounce customers off of each other but in an economy that is bottoming out new venues leave much to be desired for the other players in town.