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Fall in the Air in Las Vegas

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Seems that temperatures are cooling off in Las Vegas as this weekend was a little cooler than the weeks past. The cooler weather isn’t bad news though, it’s not exactly cold at all its just a little more refreshing and better temperature for strolling the streets and enjoying what the outdoors in Las Vegas have to offer.

While it is surely nice to enjoy all the swimming pools and the luxurious areas around the hotels, it is also a little hard to visit the grand canyon and other Vegas landmarks because of the extreme heat that had hit the city lately.

If you are thinking of a getaway Vegas is a great idea as Vegas in the fall is probably one of the best trips that you will ever have! There is just so much to do in the next few months leading up to the holiday season. Summer shows are wrapping up and the new shows that are here for the fall are beginning.

There are also great deals and promotions for people to catch! Visit to take advantage of some really great packages. These packages include flights, hotel and other accommodations! You can even plan a full trip complete with reservations at restaurants, great tickets to some of the best shows and other goodies! All in advance of getting to the airport and you will be on your way to a great time!

This Weekend in Las Vegas

Friday, September 18th, 2009

There are so many things to do in Las Vegas on any given weekend. So if you are hitting up the city this weekend read on about some great ideas of what to do whether its your first visit to Vegas or you are a repeat customer that has been there many times, there is always something for you to do in Las Vegas especially on the weekend.

This weekend calendar is packed as usual; there are plenty of shows to see and great events to enjoy. Depending on what you like to do there are lots of options to choose from. So you are wondering what exactly there is to do in Vegas other than eating to your hearts delight at any restaurant of your choosing.

Well, there are a few good gigs happening in town right now. There is the ever famous Terry Fator show happening at the mirage. When this guy won the show Americas got Talent, no one thought that a ventriloquist could be so exciting but the show taking place at the mirage every week has been a great hit and people cant get enough of the comedy. The show is funny and exciting and is definitely a must see on the list.

There is also the great series of cirque du soleil shows. The most popular one right now is the LOVE show which features music from the Beatles. The show has also received great reviews and people are even returning to see it for the second time! There are tickets on sale online or at the Mirage directly. Come and enjoy Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Sands Experiencing Great Numbers

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

You probably thinking that you have been reading about Las Vegas Sands or LVS quite a bit lately, well that is because it has been quite the news worthy topic in the last few months. The LVS stock has seen its low of lows hitting rock bottom stock prices just over the one dollar mark, but then seemingly out of nowhere, the stock bounced back and is now almost over twenty dollars.

The financial analysts are a bit shocked and say that they predict the stock will go to at least forty dollars in the near future. The company seems to be performing better overall and has had success in getting some debt rescue. The economy is picking up as well which means more business for companies such as LVS. And the operations in Macau are on route to be moving smoothly also.

So what does this all mean for investors? Well buying some shares of the LVS stock and its competitors may not be such a bad idea. The company is promising success and pushing forward without looking back at all. They have also learned from several lavish mistakes that were made about a year ago and predicting that the same or a similar situation won’t happen in the near future. Not if they can help it.

This is also good news for the other companies in the same industry, MGM is likely to pick up some speed, especially once they come to the completion of the city center project which has been in the air for so long now. And overall good news for almost all the companies in question.