LVS and Wynn Seeing Growth and Promising Future

Investors and Casino operators have been full of fear over the last year as they saw their stocks go from a giant net worth to numbers so low that they aren’t even worth mentioning. But it seems that things are turning around. The casino and hotel companies LVS (Las Vegas Sands) and the Wynn Resorts are both reporting growth in numbers and projected growth for the year to come.

The casino companies are doing better in the last quarter than they have been in recent times. The last year was very troubling, not only for these casinos but also for all of Las Vegas and the hotels and casinos that are located there. The whole world seemed to be feeling the recession but no one as much as those that counted on travel and tourism.

Forecasters are putting a buy recommendation on both stocks and saying that they expect the stocks to perform quite well for the rest of the year and moving forward. There are plenty of investors that lost a ton of money when these stocks crashed. They LVS stock was over $130 at one point just about 18 months ago and is now at an amount just over $13. This isn’t even that bad considering that it was under the $2 mark just a few months ago.

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