Movie and a Trip to Las Vegas

Just in time for the summer, the SUN newspaper is offering movie goers a chance to win a fun filled trip to Las Vegas. With the launch of the movie “the hangover” the paper has partnered with Warner Brothers to offer paper readers an opportunity to win this great trip.

The movie “the Hangover” is about some male friends that gear up for a naughty weekend in Vegas with the main character “Doug” who is about to get married. The men have a wild night none of which they can recall the next day when they realize that they groom is completely missing in action and is nowhere to be found.

The men will have to retrace their steps of the night before to find their groom and to make sure that he still has time to arrive back at his wedding in LA to marry his lovely bride.

The movie gives Vegas vacationers many ideas of what they can do when they plan their wild trips to Las Vegas. The package that the SUN news paper is giving away includes luxury accommodations at the Caesars palace hotel and casino in Las Vegas, which is located centrally on the strip and also includes a trip in a Nevada police car that is completed by a tazer demonstration for those interested.
Even if you aren’t the winner of this great vacation package, there are so many amazing vacation packages available at great prices right now that there is simply no reason not to make your way to Las Vegas. Just remember to leave with everyone that you came with!!